I'm Waiting You
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Nuyun Lee | 31 Julai 94 | Batu Pahat

I’ll never be perfect , you just have to accept the fact that I am who I am ツ


Long distance relationship teaches us that no matter how far we are apart, we will always stay close by heart
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i love the only one boy that is you ;)
15 August 2013 | 06:52 | 0 BlackWhite

"GoodNight Sayang" 
"GoodMorning Dear" 
tahu tak perempuan suka bila lelaki wish even simple tp mampu buat dia tersenyum :)
When I say I love you , please believe its true
When I say forever , know I'll never leave you
When I say goodbye , promise me you wont cry
Cause the day I'll be saying that would be the day I die
If I can just make everything fall where it should be , I would
If I could make life better for you , I would
But I cant ! All I can do is to let you know that mine has been better because of you
Kalau kita dah bahagia dengan dia .
Kita takkan pernah rasa bosan bila berhubung dengan dia .
Walaupun kita dengan dia jauh . Itu bukan masalah :)
ILOVEYOUUU !! terima kasih dear .

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